purchasing manuals        CASE has developed partnerships with several vendors to provide equipment and supplies for CASE courses. Use the information for the course you plan to offer to assist you in determining your school needs and submitting orders. Your school is not obligated to purchase equipment and supplies from the recommended vendors; however, the curriculum has been designed using many of these vendors products.

Some vendors are offering discounted pricing and special CASE packaging. To take advantage of these offers, please follow the instructions in the Purchasing Manuals. Special pricing for Vernier equipment and Newbyte software is available by ordering through CASE.

Select a course and download the recommended files for that course. Please note that if your program offers more than one CASE course, many of the equipment items are the same. Multiple vendors may offer the same item, use caution to avoid placing double orders. All quantities are based on a class size of 20 students.

CASE icons-afnr-gold   Introduction to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR)
CASE icons-animal-orange   Principles of Agricultural Science - Animal (ASA)
CASE icons-plant-green   Principles of Agricultural Science - Plant (ASP)
CASE icons-apt-red   Agricultural Power and Technology (APT)
CASE icons-nre-brown   Natural Resources and Ecology (NRE) 
CASE icons-apb-yellow   Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB) 
CASE icons-fss-purple   Food Science & Safety (FSS)
CASE icons msa maroon

  Mechanical Systems in Agriculture (MSA)

CASE icons-esi-green   Environmental Science Issues (ESI)
CASE icons-capstone-lt-blue   Agricultural Research and Development (ARD)
curriculum pathway2    Cross Course Equipment Inventory List


2019 Vendor Partners

 ATP-logo Bio-Rad Logo  a709c686 b496 4d76 9e32 4ce5d743c356 NGL Cengage FullColor  GW Logo cmyk
 LA_V1 newbyteLogo2010 on White  Vernier logo PNG image  wards-science-plus-cmyk


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