What is CASE Institute?
CASE Institute is a foundational component of teacher preparation that is necessary to ensure an instructor’s readiness to deliver CASE curricula to students. The CASE Institute provides a collaborative setting where teachers are immersed in content-specific, project-based instruction.

What is the pace?
It is an intensive instructional program that covers portions of a year’s worth of curriculum in 9 days. Due to the concentrated nature of the delivery of instruction, it is recommended that participants follow the guidelines and schedule provided to avoid falling behind in the coursework.

It is highly recommended that individuals stay at the training accommodations for the duration of the CASE Institute. It helps provide a collaborative environment and promotes peer-to-peer interaction. It also enables participants to devote their full attention to the mastery of coursework and to work collaboratively on project assignments.

What is the time commitment?
CASE Institute classes run 8 hours per day. The weekly schedule is determined by the host site. There are “homework” components for most evenings as well. The time it takes to complete assignments will vary for all participants, depending on an individual’s knowledge of the topic and previous experience with the material. Teachers will have time to work together during the evening and to additional help that is provided by the instructors. Each day the instructors will move forward with the curriculum, so it is essential that problems with the material are addressed and resolved as they occur. Due to the short duration of the CASE Institute, the only time for additional assistance will be in the evenings.

Am I ready to teach?
Participants who successfully complete the CASE Institute will receive a Certificate of Completion for the course at the conclusion of the CASE Institute. Issuance of a certificate is contingent upon the participant’s demonstration of core competencies and understanding of course concepts, successful completion of all required course materials as well as his or her record of daily attendance. The final decision to grant or withhold a certificate is at the discretion of the CASE Institute instructors.

The CASE Institute provides a comprehensive overview of the course content, and is not inclusive of the full scope and breadth of the course. Due to the time constraints inherent in a 9 day professional development session, the CASE Institute provides an introduction to select lessons, activities, and projects within the course. In preparation to teach the course, it is the responsibility of the participants to continue to familiarize him or herself with the entire course curriculum upon completing the CASE Institute.

What is expected of me?
To ensure a successful CASE Institute experience, all participants are encouraged to review the following list of expectations.

Participant Expectations
All participants at CASE Institute are expected to:

  • Arrive on opening day with a laptop;
  • Arrive on time at all daily class sessions (attendance will be taken);
  • Actively participate in classroom instruction;
  • Complete all required assignments and to assemble an Agriscience Notebook;
  • Attend evening sessions, if necessary;
  • Turn all cell phones and pagers off during class instruction;
  • Treat all participants and instructors professionally and with respect;
  • Continue to review and become familiar with all curriculum material and work toward mastery after leaving the CASE Institute.
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