CASE icons-capstone-lt-blue       Agricultural Research and Development is the capstone course designed to culminate students’ experiences in agriculture, based on the pathway of study they pursued. 

Woven throughout the course are projects and problems based in practical applications and designed to develop and improve employability skills of students. Students will further enhance critical thinking and teamwork skills as they expand on content knowledge from previous CASE courses.


In this course students will learn to:

- Solve complex real-world problems

- Conduct research

- Analyze data

- Work in teams

- Develop new products


For more information regarding this course, please see the links below.

ARD Course Description

ARD Detailed Course Outline

Standards Alignment Matrices

ARD Course Brochure


Development of the CASE Agricultural Research and Development course was made possible by contributions from DuPont Pioneer as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.



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