CASE certification is intellectual property of the teacher who completes the professional development. Certification is a measure of professional growth in topics of CASE pedagogy and assurance of competency for using specific CASE materials. Therefore, CASE certification stays with a teacher throughout their career regardless of their place of employment.

In the event of a CASE certified teacher serving as a cooperating teacher to a pre-service teacher, student teacher access is permitted. Student teachers may access and teach CASE curricula under the mentorship and supervision of the CASE certified teacher during their student teaching placement. However, student teachers cannot teach or utilize any CASE curricula after completing student teaching unless they complete a CASE certification.

All copies of the CASE curricula must be removed from the student teacher’s possession upon the completion of student teaching, including any files in their computer program files. If the individual is found to be using CASE curricula after student teaching, they will be in violation of copyright and subject to the legal copyright implications.

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