Interested in offering CASE certification to your pre-service teachers?

CASE, in collaboration with teacher education programs, now offers CASE certification as part of pre-service preparation. Two models are being used at various institutions to provide pre-service teachers CASE certification. The first is an integrated model that uses CASE Institute programming as part of the graduation/licensing requirements for new teachers as part of their current coursework. The second model uses standalone institutes during or after pre-service coursework. Only $100 of the CASE certification fee per pre-service teacher is due at the time of institute completion. The remaining $700 of the CASE certification fee is invoiced once the teacher is employed by a school system to finalize certification.

This opportunity is tremendous for the pre-service teachers. It provides access to CASE materials and helps reinforce sound instructional techniques, while also providing these young educators a roadmap to design future courses of their own. Universities using CASE in their pre-service preparation programs are finding incredible results for enhanced student teaching performance and preparation. To learn more about offering CASE certification as a part of your pre-service program, check out the CASE Pre-service Host Planning Guide or contact the CASE Professional Development Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Need to finalize your pre-service certification?

In order to finalize your CASE certification, the remaining $700 of your certification fee must be paid once you are employed by a school system. Payment of this fee allows you to be eligible for teacher services including receiving updated copies of the curriculum, ordering equipment and supplies at discount prices through the CASE Store, to be eligible to utilize CASE Online, and teach the curriculum without copyright infringement.

In order to receive your invoice for the remaining $700 of your certification fee, please complete the form below. You will then receive a copy of your invoice to submit to your school’s business office to finalize your CASE certification. 


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