"The New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Office of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Education, in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Education, provides CASE Online to all NJ certified CASE teachers through a state subscription. The CASE assessments and student version of the CASE courses are valuable assets to our teachers, students and programs. Many schools use the CASE Online to deliver CASE for a paperless classroom setting. The national assessments provided by CASE are the most appropriate testing tool available to this academically/STEM based agricultural science education curriculum. "

Nancy Trivette

New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Office of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Education


“Before CASE Online, I had to spend time uploading documents and distributing them, hoping that my students were synced by the time they reached my class. Most of the time, we had to spend time waiting for documents to load. I am now able to have my students log in and open their documents with no down time. Its saved me and my students a ton of time.

CASE Online is the perfect format for my online students. We have a functional way to communicate and collaborate, without being face to face. It’s made my online course more rigorous and relevant, as well as setting them up for success in a college online class.”

Gina Neff

Utica High School, Ohio

"My students enjoy the audio presentations and/or the option of reading the presentations.  They like the opportunity to review the presentations as many times as they need to to understand the concepts and key points presented.  I have flipped my the classroom to allow for more time to do the hands-on activities of each lesson."


Barbara Lemmer

Linn-Mar High School, Iowa



claflin schoolpic 

“One of the best parts of using CASE Online in the classroom was having multiple questions to pull from in the question bank. I didn't have to spend time thinking of them and I knew that they assessed exactly what I needed. This became very helpful when I needed to design a student learning objective to measure growth in one of my classes. I created a test using the question bank that I used for a pre- and post-test in my animal science course. While other teachers struggled, I was way ahead of the game because of using CASE and the CASE online tools.”

Kellie Claflin


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